Oliver Nyholm
AI and Gameplay Programmer

About Wizard Loaf

Wizard Loaf was my team during the second year at the Game Assembly. We were 15 guys who together worked on 3 (soon 4) games together, all linked below. Our games were created in our own C++ DirectX11 Engine, where we supported the nordic theme of winter engines, naming ours Yellowsnow.

The Whole Crew


Oliver Nyholm - AI and Gameplay

Fredrik Bladh - AI, Gameplay, Scripting, Pipeline

Flovin Michaelsen - Engine, Animations, Generalist

Sedin Mesic - 3C, Gameplay

Sebastian Grape - Rendering/Engine

Emil Hylén Stuparich de la Barra - Network and UI

Graphical Artists

Ludvig Olsson - Hard Surface

André Rondahl - Animator

Manne Westermark - Environmental Artist

Adam Karlsson - Environmental Artist

Level Designers

Carl Palm - Level and Game Designer, Visual Scripting

Daniel Svahn - Level Artist and Designer

Kevin Osgyan - Level Artist and Designer

Technical Artists

Adrian Björkerud - Procedural Artist

Charles Wänéus - VFX and Shaders

Wizard Loaf Games

Home Engine - Yellowsnow

Spite - Ragnars Mjöd
Home Engine - Yellowsnow

Home Engine - Yellowsnow