Oliver Nyholm
AI and Gameplay Programmer

Sthml Sunset

C++ | AI | Open World | Administration

About the Game

Sthml Sunset was my eight and last project at the Game Assembly. The project was merged with Elusive Tail, another group at the Game Assembly. We were therefore 30 people total on the project. We combined our both game engines into one engine, and the game was made in 9 weeks at 100% whilst applying for internships. The projects reference game was Horizon Zero Dawn.

"The evil company Sthml Corp replaced their workers with robots. As your legs were removed when revolting against that change, you seek to revenge and destroy the company."

Main contributions


  • As our teams were merged, we were 30 people and we needed to structure the work done. As such, I was involved in the administration group


  • I worked on implementing our behaviour tree system into the merged game engine.
  • Created the long legs enemy and base functions for all enemies.