Oliver Nyholm
AI and Gameplay Programmer

Madame Légume

About the Game

Madame Légume is a platformer puzzle game created in Unity3D. I created this project during Christmas holiday 2016 as a base for my bachelor's thesis. The game is about the Madame Légume, a lady made out of vegetables. She is tired of this world, and wants to end her life, yet in a noble way. Therefore, she needs to travel to the organic waste bin. She can't climb to the platform alone, so she needs to place out vegetables correctly, creating a path to the end.

Madame Légume and my Bachelor's thesis

The point of creating the game was because I had wanted to create the game for some time, and I also wanted to study procedural content generation (PCG) as a subject to my thesis. So I combined the two, and me and my thesis partner created to generators, evaluating strengths between two techniques. One rule-based generator and one evolved with grammatical evolution.

The game was difficult to procedurally generate, as the playability is tricky to solve. In the evolutionary generator, the playability was solved by calculating a path with a depth-first search algorithm. In the rule-based, the generator calculated where the vegetables were needed. Both generators produce a majority of poor levels, but manage to create good levels as well. The level generator only worked offline and not in runtime.