Oliver Nyholm
AI and Gameplay Programmer

Johnny Punchfucker

About the Game

Johnny Punchfucker was a game project during my first year at Malmö University, developed in XNA and later in Monogames. The game is a beat em' up game, where the player faces bosses and enemies. There are four levels in the game, three of them including boss fights. I decided to develop further on the game during my second year, adding more content for the school's arcade machine competitions. The game finished in 2nd place, due to it being too difficult for casual players. The main goal of the game was to give it an old school feeling, being very difficult to complete and is highly inspired by Double Dragon and Turtles in Time.

The game was a group project of four people, where I ended up coding ~85% of the game. The graphics was drawn by one of the project members, but also some were stolen online. During the arcade machine competition, I had to friends who added small touches, including the design and coding of the second boss.

The game is about Johnny from the family Punchfucker. When his grandmother asks him to fetch her butt scratcher from the attic, he finds a map to a location in the pacific ocean. Upon arrival, he needs to beat of other enemies, guarding the location pointed on the map.