Oliver Nyholm
AI and Gameplay Programmer


About the Game

Imminent is a horror game created in Unreal Engine as a school project. The game starts by the player being thrown down into a cave, and there is a lantern on the cave floor which was dropped down. The player is stuck inside the cavern without an exit in sight. There is only an altar and a cage, withholding some form of demon.

Luckily, an earthquake erupts. The earthquake breaks a wall in the dungeon, opening a passage to a mine. Delving deeper alone into the mine, the player hears a screech. There is something following you...

My part in the project

My part of the project was being the scrum master, planning and preparing the scrum meetings and setting up sprints. For some parts, I did miscellaneous work on the project, filling out for places that needed help. Those parts included modelling objects, designing and coding tutorial UI, editing sound files and including them in the game.

My main part was coding the AI for the game. The monster never stops and always moves slowly towards the player. The monster was assigned the path finding algorithm available in Unreal Eninge, and was coded up using the Behaviour Tree available in the engine. For the monster, I also coded the animations.